Gmail-Change The Password Recovery Option

Gmail is the better option to do the secure “login” and easy mail management.It is the platform to do send and receive instant messages.For reading only important mails,user have “filter” feature to use.Individual may change their privacy settings,depending upon their needs.Gmail account is used for managing both small and large business.But there are times when user may suffer from serious technical issues.To get help with that,there is need to contact with customer support team.

To be in contact of the support team,there is need to dial help number.After using it,individual will be in direct contact of the live technicians.Tech expert would listen to user’s problem and then come up with effective solution.

People who needs solution for any of the above issue,they need to connect with support team immediately.To be in contact of the support team,it is really necessary to dial customer service number.It provides effective resolution to several issues that has been faced by users currently.Tech expert will provide complete resolution for all the major issues.

Users may have obtained solution to several issues.Here,individual may see the solution for one:-

What is the method to change Gmail password recovery option?

First user need to open browser,and should go for the Gmail page

It is now need to “login” by entering the correct username and password

Individual should now go in “Settings” for opening a new window

There is now need to select the option for “Accounts and Imports”

User should now verify their account

Account holders should edit two different options for the password recovery options,email address or the phone number

Now,user should tap the option of “Save changes”

There is need to see that whether the problem get solve or not

Those who still not satisfied from the solution of the above problem,they can contact support team or gmail password recovery page immediately.They will give complete guidance and even charged user with certain amount of fee.The amount of fee is too little to pay by anybody.There are situations,when user will not get the satisfaction,user are not liable to pay any money for that.



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